Jul 11 , 2016

5 off beat ideas to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in 2016

Raksha Bandhan is all about a relatively short ritual of tying the thread and praying for brother’s long life. Celebrate Raksha Bandhan this year in a way that makes it special and unforgettable. Here are five off beat ideas to break the monotony.


1) When in doubt TREK:

It is just nice to have someone you trust to watch your bag and personal belongings, while you take up a sport or just jump down the cliff.

2) A crazy ride on two wheels:

Just escape for a Bike Ride. Challenge each other by powering your way through the highway. Don't forget to wear proper gear and always mind the speed limits.

3) Don’t think just hit it:

Most men bond over sports. Just try and blend in, maybe just once in a while. It could be awesome fun!

4) Makeover Madness:

Just try finding what was hiding underneath that all of that hair or beard. Or how silly can u look in styles apart from your comfort zones.

5) Bake a Cake:

You can’t buy happiness but u can bake some. And it can’t get better than baking a ginger pear cake with a caramel glaze.

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