Jul 21 , 2016

5 Bollywood movies that gave us major Brother - Sister goals!

We’ve seen our fair share of cheesy love stories in Bollywood. But there are few movies which focus on the special bond that a Brother and Sister share.

At Upahãra have handpicked some utterly realistic and entertaining movies to watch with your brother/sister this Raksha Bandhan.

1.Ranveer and Priyanka in DDD.

Ranveer shares the deepest secrets of Priyanka which she can't even share with her husband or even parents. More than that, he also helps her in taking major life decisions!

2. Genelia and Prateik in Jaane tu.. Ya Jaane Na.

The movie shows love-hate relation of a brother and sister with subtlety. Prateik expresses how he's jealous when Genelia is friends with others because she's the only friend he has since childhood.

3. Juhi Chawla and Sanjay Suri in My brother Nikhil.

Sanjay Suri plays Nikhil, who is a homosexual and an AIDS patient. The movie not
only broke stereotypes about homosexuals in Bollywood, but also focused on how
Juhi supports her brother when Society boycotts him.

4. Shreyas Talpade and Shweta in Iqbal.

A real friend believes in you when nobody else does. When nobody believed that a
deaf and mute guy can secure a position in the Indian Cricket team, his sister not only motivated him, but also encouraged him to not quit and turn his dreams into reality.

5. Hrithik in Agneepath.

While the movie gives an outlook of violence and revenge, there's a point in the
movie when Vijay's (Hrithik) life transforms. It happens when Shiksha, played by
Kanika Tiwari, walks into his life with an abundance of innocence, and the brooding man finds a reason to smile and cry.

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  • Pavitra

    DDD was released on year of 2015 …nt 2005

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