Jun 03 , 2016

5 Must Have Things in a Ramadan Gift Box

The way of celebrating traditional festivals is undergoing a metamorphosis with the changing times, and so is the pattern of gifting. Luxury gifts is a great way of showing your gratitude to your loved ones. Here are 5 things you must have in a Ramadan Gift Box.

1. Tasbeeh:


The recitation of Tasbeeh is emphatically recommended as an act of worship in Islam. It has immense significance in the eyes of the infallible Imams. Hence, it is an ideal gift for your loved ones. A wonderful gift for mother, grandmother, aunt, sister or yourself.

Tasbeeh is from Montagé Collection

2. Mabkhara:

A perfect present to spread the love for fragrances that evoke vibes of festivity and positivity in your house.  Take delight in gifting a beautiful Mabkhara this Ramadan.

Mabkhara is from Beaumonté Collection

3. Holy Quran:

A pious gift for all of us, a copy of the Holy Quran. The Quran is significant not only because of its history, but also because of its continual daily use to worship. A must have in your Ramadan gift box. 

Holy Quran is from Royalé Collection

4. Dates:

How about a Box of finest dates in your Ramadan gift box…? There’s a good reason for this, as you generally break your fast by eating dates. So adding dates to your Ramadan gift box is a sweeter way to ensure that your loved ones enjoy everything they receive.

Date Box is from Luxuré Collection

5. Photo Frames:

frame helps you display your cherished memories. This festive season gift your loved ones, Ramadan Greetings beautifully displayed in frames.

Photo frame is from a la modé Collection

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