Apr 19 , 2016

The Art of Gifting - 4 Steps to choose a Perfect Gift

The highest anxiety moment in any occasion must be the moment just before your loved ones unwrap their gifts. The ribbon comes untied, the paper falls to the floor—what will their expression be? Figuring out the right gift can be very difficult, and we can easily make mistakes. 

1. Greatest gifts are not wrapped in paper but love. 

The gift must lay emphasis on the occasion and should speak volumes about your generosity. Your gift should garner the right emotions of gratitude from the receiver. Understand the sentimental value and Make sure it brings a glittering smile!

2. Bestow the feeling of gratitude.

Even if you know what kind of gift they would absolutely love, you might still not know the exact color, size, etc. With these risks, giving an ill-suited gift shows the other person exactly how little we really know about them, which can deteriorate a long-term relationship. MAKE THEM FEEL SPECIAL.

3. Know the taste.

When you gift someone, it must touch the right senses! It should connect with their taste. Your “Royal Red” might be “Irritating Red” for the other person. So, one should know the taste to choose the apt gift.

4. Choose the right brand. 

The brand should be able to do justice to the feeling you want to convey. Depth of your feelings cannot be shared with shallow products. Make sure that brand you choose creates products with great attention to detail and soul.


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